The information we provide to you is thanks to Chinese customs because the Bulgarian government’s china page has no up-to-date information. After the millions have given for it, in addition to not having a valid SSL certificate, no up-to-date data have been entered, despite assurances that the development of Bulgarian-Chinese relations are among the priorities of the Bulgarian government. At the same time, the NSI does not freely provide information that it collects with our money and keeps it not for the business, apparently. This is the link with fresh data from 2006 and success in trying to open it. As you can see, there is an analysis of the meat market, and to this day we have no protocol and we cannot export meat to China.

The structure of our export is desperate, with the majority of the top 20 most exported goods being raw materials, with a very high weight as the value of exports. Here is the full list of the most exported products from Bulgaria in 2020. Analysis for each product we will describe in the following articles. Copper at 99.99% 715 529 043 USD, Corn 59,704,834 USD, Precious metal concentrates without silver 45 613 139 USD, Iron Pyrite 41 405 500 USD, Car parts 35 048 880 USD, Panels and foundations for electrical power. Backgammon 27 421 220 USD

Thermo/Pyrometers 22,522,350 USD

Sunflower seeds 21 319 179 USD

Thermostats 17 395 614 USD

Variable resistors, including refostates and potentiometers, n.e.c.15 492 438 USD

Copper other (Settled copper) 13 566 812 USD

Sunflower seed products 13 214 721 USD

Bags 12 212 123 USD

Other tools and apparatus for automatic adjustment or control 11 052 454 USD

Other refined copper asses, unwrought 9 903 348 USD

Casting machines used in metallurgical foundries, not elsewhere classified 7 363 342 USD

Packing machines 4 690 267 USD

Lead concentrate 2 026 473 USD

Suitcases 1,342,231 USD