China is a country with vast territory and a large population. Our experience and lessons from the first 30 years after the creation of the People’s Republic of China show that simply copying the available experiments and models from other countries will only lead us to a deadlock. It came 1978. And the third plenum was opened after the XI Congress of the Communist Party of China.

In this plenum, the CCP identified the leading ideas for the opening up of the way of thinking and seeking truth from the facts and made the important decision to pursue a policy of reform and openness to the rest of the countries. Since then, based on summing up the experience and lessons of the past, actively borrowing and absorbing the excellent political and economic achievements of human civilization, the second generation leadership led by Mr. Deng Xiaoping leads the Chinese people on The path of socialism with Chinese specificity through reforms and opening up to other countries.

Over the last 30 years we have successfully completed a historical landmark in two aspects. Firstly, we have driven the reforms of the systems of the various areas and transformed China from a country with a highly concentrated and planned economy into a dynamically developing country with a socialist market economy. By doing deep reforms in the economic system, we have deepened the reforms in the political, cultural, social and other systems. In the course of development, we have progressively created new more viable systems and mechanisms that meet the realities of today’s China.

Second, the continuous ever-increasing opening of the country to the other countries has successfully turned China from a closed and semi-closed to a completely open country, which marks a historic leap. Adhering to the basic policy of opening up to the other countries, we build our country with open doors, accelerate the development of an open-ended economy, first creating special economic zones, we opened Primorye, riparian Regions, border areas and the interior of the country, and then participate in the World Trade Organization and from a policy of attracting foreign investments to the country we are oriented towards a “big step out” investment policy. As a consequence, the level of our ability to use the external and internal market, foreign and own resources has increased significantly, our international competitiveness has increased.

After 60 years of independent and autonomous efforts, especially after the last 30 years of stubborn innovation and advancing, after the introduction of the reform policy and opening up to the other countries, there have been huge changes in Chinese society. The productive forces evolved with a scale unseen to date. The average growth of gross domestic product over the last 30 years has reached 9.7%, which obviously surpasses not only the rate of average growth in the first 30 years, but also the pace of average growth in the world. More than 200 million Chinese have been drawn from the poverty threshold in these years, the living level of the entire population has risen – from poverty to an average level of well-being. (A) for the production of cereals, of various meat products, of cotton and of other basic agricultural products, of steel, coal, cement, chemical fertilisers, cotton and textile products, by total quantity of electricity produced, by common Quantity of crude oil and other industrial products China is ranked in one of the first places in the world. A comprehensive system of compulsory education in towns and villages has been established and the system of public health and basic medical services has been continually improved. It is particularly important that, despite the difficulties posed by the global financial and economic crisis, as a result of the active financial and relatively free monetary policy, in 2009, the The Chinese people maintained the high rate of GDP growth by 8.7% and its total volume is about 4912.15 billion dollars. With this, China made an important contribution to the international community’s efforts to overcome the global crisis.

At the same time, China is still a developing country. The GDP per person is still located after the 100st place in the world. The model of economic growth is mainly extensive. China has a long way to go until a comprehensive modernisation is being carried out. Looking into the future, China will be steadily adhering to the policy of reform and opening up to the rest of the countries, the path of peaceful development will steadily follow, in the relations with other countries, will conduct the strategy of mutual benefit and common Prosperity. China will give its strength to build a harmonious world with lasting peace and a common prosperity of all countries around the world.