Traditional good cooperation between China and Bulgaria and between their populations has a long history. It has survived the 70-year trials of time and became even stronger. Traditional friendly relations between the two countries develop steadily based on the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, non-interference in the interior, etc., overcoming differences in ideology and values. In recent years, mutual political trust has been deepening. The leaders of the two countries have an active dialogue. Exchange at different levels is increasing. Trade and economic relations are evolving. Cooperation in cultural, scientific, technological, sports and other fields as well as regional contacts are fruitful.

In 2009, Ci Jinpin visited Bulgaria. During his visit, the leaders of the two countries exchanged views and reached a full consensus on many issues of common interest. A number of documents have been signed in the field of education, trade, culture, etc.

The visit strengthened the basis of traditional friendship between China and Bulgaria, and gave a strong impetus to the further development of bilateral relations in the new century. With joint efforts, the traditional friendship between the Chinese and the Bulgarian people and the bilateral relations of partnership and cooperation will reach new and greater development in the new historical period, in the name of the welfare and prosperity of the two nations.